15 Years and Zero Failures

Satellite antenna de-icing systems installed by EcoTEMP have now been in service for 15 years without a failure. The systems employ the company's Radiant Thermal Sheet (RTS) technology which EcoTEMP has developed in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies. Its de-icing systems have been installed on antennas of the industry's largest antenna manufacturers in locations such as China and as far north as Alaska in some of the world's most inhospitable climates.

For satellite de-icing, RTS has a number of benefits including a highly competitive initial cost, much lower power draw resulting in lower operating costs, AC or DC power options and a self-cauterizing feature that ensures continued operation even if a portion of a heater is cut or punctured. Its products are manufactured using an internally-developed proprietary process. EcoTEMP is also leading the advance in car seat heating technology and other applications of its RTS technology.

Made in North America

All of EcoTEMP's products are made in its North American manufacturing facilities. From its central continental location it has access to all global markets.